My name is Nathan Phillips, I’m from the small city of Gloucester in England. I am currently aged 20 and have studied as a Graphic Design student for 4 years at Gloucestershire College, this includes completing my HND.
I am a social, friendly, good-hearted person who can get on with anyone. Additionally I am hard-working, enthusiastic and organised.
When I first started I had no experience in Graphic Design, hence the reason my first few projects fell short of what was expected. What I had though was an ability to pick up the necessary skills quickly and effectively. This is something I’ve always had, and pushes me to do even better than before.
So, what do I like doing?
I am passionate about Graphic Design (obviously) and the many elements and challenges it can produce. There’s nothing more satisfying than coming up with a new concept and breathing life into it. Along with this I enjoy video games and watching films, which I do to relax in my spare time, either alone or with a few close friends.
As a Designer I take inspiration from many different things; from other design work, from music, from a photograph etc. I think it is best that the material we use as inspiration should be as varied as possible, from serious and thought provoking to wild and crazy.